Every week, a mashup creation challenge is hosted on the Crumplbangers Discord, the theme chosen and judged by the winner of the previous week's contest. iWillBattle chose to set a challenge based on the artists performing at the upcoming 'When We Were Young' festival in Las Vegas.

This challenge ended up setting the record for submissions, so while Adriana A (of Bootie Mashup) was the eventual winner with her track "Part Of My Sweetness" iWillBattle has organised all the tracks created that week into a Crumpl version of an emo festival line-up!

Full Album Download (282MB)


1. iWillBattle - Crumplbangers Present AFI...
2. MixmstrStel - Girl Drank Tequila After Dark (AFI vs. Various Artists)
3. Adriana A - The Kiss It Before Leaving Song, Part 2 (Rihanna vs. AFI)
4. Instamatic - GOh Beat! (Linda Lindas vs The Go Go's)
5. IamJstncrdble - Miss(Take)ing You (Horrorpops vs. P. Diddy feat. Faith Evans and 112)
6. IamJstncrdble - One Miss Take That I Want (Horrorpops vs. John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John)
7. DjNoNo - Zombie Double Bill (The Cranberries vs. Horrorpops)
8. tbc aka Instamatic - Ash Lipstick (Wolf Alice vs. Slowdive)
9. Adriana A - We Are Never Ever Getting Buried Alive (Taylor Swift vs. The Used)
10. Adriana A - Buried Myself Together (The Used vs. Taylor Swift)
11. IamJstncrdble - Buried Independent (Kelly Clarkson vs. The Used)
12. Adriana A - The Taste of Ink '22 (The Used vs. Taylor Swift)
13. Adriana A - 22 Tastes of Ink (Taylor Swift vs. The Used)
14. ah! - We Are Young On The First Day Of Our Life (Bright Eyes vs. fun.)
15. oki - Can't Hang My Iron Lung (Radiohead vs. Sleeping With Sirens)
16. Richest Llama - Graveyard Gives You Hell (Halsey vs. The All-American Rejects)
17. iWillBattle - Jimmy Eat World Welcomes You To The Middle
18. DJ Firth - Move Along to The Middle (Jimmy Eat World vs. All American Rejects)
19. fnogg - Evermiddle (Foo Fighters vs. Jimmy Eat World)
20. fnogg - Call Me In The Middle (Carly Rae Jepsen vs. Jimmy Eat World)
21. tbc aka Instamatic - A Message To Artists [In The Middle of the Crowd] (Jimmy Eat World vs. Etherwood vs. Charles Bukowski)
22. Adriana A - Part Of My Sweetness (Katy Perry vs. Jimmy Eat World)
23. GladiLord - Chasing Jealousies (Olivia Rodrigo vs. Bring Me The Horizon)
24. Dunproofin' - Bring Me The Human League (Bring Me The Horizon vs The Human League)
25. IamJstncrdble - I Want To Make Damn Sure What Love Is (Taking Back Sunday vs. Foreigner)
26. Richest Llama - ABCD EMO (GAYLE vs. Taking Back Sunday)
27. IamJstncrdble - Complicated Soldier (Avril Lavigne vs. Shania Twain)
28. Castle R - Complex Soul (Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Avril Lavigne)
29. Lewis Wake - My Ignorant Ending (Avril Lavigne vs. Paramore)
30. fnogg - Ain't It Gonna Be 500 Miles Of Fun (The Proclaimers vs. Paramore)
31. Richest Llama - Ain't My Universe Fun (Paramore vs. Coldplay X BTS)
32. IamJstncrdble - Hayley Crockett (Paramore vs. The Wellingtons)
33. Castle R - Boring D.A.N.C.E. (Janet Jackson vs. Justice vs. Paramore)
34. Kevin Arlington - That Boom Party (BLACKPINK vs. My Chemical Romance)
35. Lewis Wake - The Sharpest Escape (Boys Like Girls vs. My Chemical Romance)
36. CastleR - Libido (My Chemical Romance vs. Dua Lipa)
37. iWillBattle - One More Choon!
38. GladiLord - Cows Will Never Hurt You (Doja Cat vs. My Chemical Romance)