Outstanding Achievements In The Field Of Crumplbang.

The Crumplbangers Society recognizes, honours and archives the history, influential tracks, producers and other notable achievements that have had some major influence on the development of the crumplbanger.

Around 2009 a youtube video appeared mashing up two 80s tracks with the same title from opposite ends of the musical spectrum. Throwing musical sensibilities to the wind the resulting mashup is a literal collision of atmospheres. That alone would be enough to qualify as a crumplbanger but the gung-ho OOT AF production seals the deal.
The Crumpl Society honours this mashup for it's outstanding contribution to Crumplbanging.

Sadly the video was pulled by WMG and the producer's name may be lost to the mists of time. If anyone has information on the original creator please pass it to the Crumpl Society.