Adriana A (Bootie Mashup) put out a call to arms for genre clashed Montero mashups.

Crumplbangers responded! ;(

Full Album Download (267MB)


1. Adriana A - Montero Cats (Lil Nas X vs The Cure)
2. oki - Call Me Comfortably Numb (Lil Nas X vs Pink Floyd)
3. Instamatic - You Never Give Me My Montero [All Good Children Go To Hell Mix] (Lil Nas X vs The Beatles)
4. Instamatic - Nas Tripper [Fuck It Let's Ride] (Lil Nas X vs The Beatles)
5. GladiLord - Reset Me [All Over Again] (Lil Nas X vs Killswitch Engage)
6. Vixoria Drift - Montero [I Hate Everything You Call Me] (Lil Nas X vs Three Days Grace)
7. ah! - Holiday In Montero (Lil Nas X vs Dead Kennedys)
8. Dunproofin - Foo Bars (Lil Nas X vs Foo Fighters)
9. duuzu - BJÖNTERO [All Is By Your Name] (Lil Nas X vs Bjork)
10. Lewis Wake - MONTERO [It Takes One to Know One] (Lil Nas X vs Taking Back Sunday)
11. pomDeter - Raining Montero (Lil Nas X vs Slayer)
12. Devon Ireland - Will You Still Call Me By Your Name Tomorrow (Lil Nas vs Amy Winehouse)
13. Devon Ireland - The Call (Lil Nas X vs Backstreet Boys)
14. ToToM - George [Call Me By Your Faith] (Lil Nas X vs George Michael)
15. Rudec - Around Montero (Lil Nas X vs Red Hot Chili Peppers)
16. Rudec - Freestyler Montero (Lil Nas X vs Bomfunk MCs)
17. GaraGara - Montero Dub (Lil Nas X vs Scientist vs Dub Specialist)
18. departure - NUMBERS Call Me (Lil Nas X vs Neil Cicierega)
19. piecesofeight - Intermission in Montero (Lil Nas X vs Stan Kenton)
20. Richest Llama - JOHNTERO [Hurt Me By Your Name] (Lil Nas X vs Johnny Cash)
21. iamjstncrdble - Banjero (Lil Nas X vs Ronnie McCoury)
22. iamjstncrdble - Call Me By Your Fancy Name (Reba McEntire vs Lil Nas X)
23. iWillBattle - Hit The Road Montero (Ray Charles vs Lil Nas X)


1. Lewis Wake - VOODOO MONTERO (Lil Nas X vs The Prodigy & Pendulum)
2. William Maranci - A Thousand Monteros (Vanessa Carlton vs Lil Nas X)
3. iWillBattle - Call Me By Midnight [Extended Satan Mix] (Iron Maiden vs Lil Nas X)
4. Grave Danger - Can I Get A Montero (Lil Nas X vs Jay-Z ft. Amil)
5. departure - FOREVTERO [Call Me When Youve Found Diamonds] (Lil Nas X vs Kanye West)